Whitby and Brooklin Dog Walking: $15 For a Full 60 Minutes of Running and Walking Fun For Your Friend

With Dog Walk Happy, your dog gets a full 60 uninterrupted minutes of joyful, social and tiring outdoor pack-walk for $15! Here is how the top dog walking value in the region works:

dog walk timeline - 60 full minutes of walking

Minimum 2 walks per week. Administering meds, if required, is free.

Your dog's 60 minutes is all dog walking, not including driving.

Nothing less than 60 minutes of walking time outdoors. And every outing is plenty more than walking. Your dog's "walk" is chock full of running, playing, socializing and field exploring. Lots of swimming in the spring, summer and fall. Todoganning in the winter. Then plenty of muddy schlepping and schlurping and schlupping as we hike through the spring thaws.

service - walk Off-leash pack walks



5+ pack walks — Per walk


2-4 pack walks — Per walk (min. 2 walks per week)

Administering your dog's meds, if required, is free.


Drop in — For existing pack members only


Add 1 dog — From your household


Weekend or holiday — When available (add per day)



Puppy visits



Puppy visit — Package includes:

  • 20 minutes of quality one-to-one nurture time
  • Outside walk to reinforce training you're working on
  • Cuddles, attention and play time
  • Administering meds if required


Puppy consultation — Package includes:

  • 60-minute comprehensive consultation with the three of us (you, me and wonder pup)
  • Three 20-minute puppy visits
  • Puppy products goodie basket


Weekend or holiday — When available (add per day)



Boarding / doggie daycare



Dog Stay Happy (8am-8am) is our in-home boarding service for those times when you're away from home and you want to know your dog is loved and cared for almost as much as you do.

Service includes:

  • Pick up on the day of boarding and drop off when you get back home
  • Pack walk at our super scenic private property
  • Meds administered if required
  • Bonus puppy pampering: delicious treats, bones to chew (real ones, big ones, with all that prized tasty marrow inside), a giant back yard to run around in
  • Lots of legendary Dog Walk Happy rubs, hugs, and cuddles (just way more of them than usual)
  • Your dog feels like a member of our family, because they are


Dog Day Happy (8am-6pm) is our dog daycare service. Includes:

  • Everything your dog gets in the Dog Stay Happy service but without the sleepover
  • This service is a step above our pack walks and gives your pup a full day of love, attention, and treats


Drop in — For existing pack members only


Weekend or holiday — When available (add per day)



Call me today and let's talk some dog. Your dog.

Miranda: (905) 903-7787

Come Along For a Walk

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Best friends in the world.
Best job in the world.

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